Action until Janury 31st, 2020

Very effective non-invasive treatment to reduce adipose tissue

Activates collagen production and helps rejuvenate the skin

Does not require convalescence

We are the first in the Czech Republic to offer Venus Legacy treatments that uniquely combine effects of fat reduction and collagen formation.

Innovative device Venus Legacy uses a combination of radio frequency and vacuum to dissolve and eliminate fat cells. Then the device massage them off, into the lymphatic system, which ensures their exclusion from the body. This process helps to naturally increase collagen and elastin fibers, to rejuvenate the skin in treated area.

Normal Price: 6.000 CZK

Special Price: 4.500 CZK


Action until Janury 31st, 2020

Effectively reduces wrinkles

Removes circles under the eyes and lifts the face contours

Immediate effect

Mesotherapy is a special dermatological treatment where the cocktail of rejuvenating substances, hyaluronic acid, plasma and vitamins is injected into the subcutaneous tissue by a micro-needle. The amount and composition of the cocktail will be determined by the doctor in consultation with the client.

The treatment takes about 40 minutes, it is only slightly painful. After the application we do not recommend to apply makeup for the rest of the day, to visit the pool or sauna for two days. The advantage of the treatment is that the result is immediately visible. The effect is even more compounded in the next two weeks and beyond. Depending on the skin type, the physician determines the number of necessary treatments and the amount of applied substance.

Normal Price: 10.000 CZK

Special Price: 8.000 CZK


Action until Janury 31st, 2020

Hydrates and increases skin elasticity

Very pleasant treatment

Without any limitation or convalescence

During this cosmetic ritual we apply the "youth hormone" to the skin that hydrates and lifts the skin.

We have brought this treatment from a renowned Paris Champs-Élysées Clinic and we are the only one in the Czech Republic to offer it. During the treatment the "youth hormone" Clodessine will be "ironed" into the skin. The Clodessine ritual perfectly cleanse the skin, reduces wrinkle depth and makes skin more healthy and smooth, increases skin elasticity, activates new collagen cells creation, protects against premature aging caused by everyday stress, reduce the skin pores size.

The ritual takes about 90 minutes and does not hurt at all, vice versa, it is very pleasant. It doesn't require any convalescence and can be performed at any time of year. You can treat yourself by Clodessin therapy once a month or even every two weeks. Such frequention fully replaces skin cleansing during cosmetic treatment. The ritual is preceded by a personal consultation with an expert which will prepare an individual step-by-step procedure specially for you.

An expert from Petra Clinic will suggest you the products from BE Petra Clinic and Medik8.

Normal Price: 5.000 CZK

Special Price: 4.500 CZK