4D Lifting

One of the most effective facial treatments

Uses the unique Fotona Dynamis laser

Completely painless and has no restrictions

4D lifting treatment itself is composed of multiple procedures. However, it can be combined with a special Petra Clinic warm lifting and regular cosmetic procedures.

Fotona Dynamis 4D lifting is the V.I.P. combined laser treatment, which, as the only one in the world, combines several technologies to rejuvenate the face from the outside and inside. The rejuvenation methods are selected individually according to the client's skin condition. It is a very effective rejuvenating treatment, does not require anesthesia, is completely painless and has no restrictions.

An expert from Petra Clinic will suggest you the products from Petra Clinic and Medik8 brands for a home care according to your needs and based on a personal consultation.

Price of the procedure starts from 13 000 CZK